What Our Live Stream with Curlsbykath Revealed About Curly Hair Care and Sustainable Products

published on 20 January 2023

We recently partnered with @curlsbykath on Instagram to uncover consumer awareness around curly hair care and brands that cater in this space. Through a 15-minute live stream, we were able to unearth some interesting insights about the current perception of curly hair care and sustainable products. Let’s dive into what we learned.

It only took a 15 min live stream
It only took a 15 min live stream

Consumer Preferences for Shopping Habits

We found that 50% of viewers prefer online shopping due being able to watch review videos before buying. YouTube leads as the go-to platform for video reviews followed by Instagram and then TikTok.

This data is useful for marketers who want to get a better understanding of where they should be focusing their efforts when it comes to advertising their product or service.

Perception Around Sustainable Products

Interestingly, 42% of viewers do not look out for sustainable products. Sustainable & recyclable products are seen as more expensive. Having said that, most participants feel they need to care about this topic, but price point is a bigger factor for them at the moment.

It's important for brands looking to enter this market to recognise that there is an awareness gap that needs filling in order to start making progress with sustainability initiatives.

Recognition of Brands in the Curly Hair Care Space

Curlsmith was the most recognized brand, by far, with 25% of viewers recommending it. This data can be used strategically when launching new products or marketing campaigns related to curly hair care; leveraging existing recognition can be one way to ensure success from the start!

Additionally, it’s important for brands looking to enter this space now that there is an established leader in terms of recognition - something they should definitely take into consideration when developing their own strategies moving forward.

Lack of Awareness Around Appropriate Hair Care During Colder Months

Finally, 63% of viewers are not aware that their hair care should change during the colder months due to changes in weather conditions such as humidity levels and wind speed. This can lead to damage or breakage if not properly taken into account when selecting products or styling tools - something which could have potentially serious consequences if left unchecked!

It’s important for any brand looking to market winter-specific products that they need to include consumer education as part of their influencer marketing strategy, rather than just product promotion. Educational videos tend to perform better anyways as they're part of the knowledge sharing fabric of social media.


The insights gathered from our 15-min live streaming event with curlsbykath revealed some interesting information around consumer preferences regarding curly hair care and sustainable products alike.

It’s clear that there is an opportunity here for savvy marketers & brand managers who are willing & able to leverage these insights effectively!

From knowledge around preferred platforms for viewing reviews & recommendations to recognising current industry leaders in terms of brand recognition - all the way through raising awareness surrounding appropriate wintertime haircare - there’s plenty here worth considering when crafting both short-term & long-term strategies moving forward!

If you'd like to ask your own questions and get consumer answers in as little as 15 minutes, talk to us!

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