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Made for All

Multytude is being used by communities, creators, podcast hosts and businesses to run & get insights on all kinds of conversations
Start a conversation, invite your community, receive insights

Your Conversation, Your Rules 🤩

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    A Room for Each Conversation

    Every conversation gets its own room in Multytude so you can invite whoever you want to each room with its unique link.

    And everything remains off social media, so nothing can haunt you. 👻

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    Magical Cards

    Sick of scrolling through comments while trying to follow the conversation? That's why we created cards to allow you to browse top level comments without getting bogged down by the replies. 

    What’s magical about these cards is that if you do want to dive into one and explore, you still can.

    Creator   2 magical cards
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    Beyond Like & Dislike

    Like & dislike is so 2000s. We offer a wider scale when you're responding and even allow you to filter by them.

    They're a whole new way to explore conversations & make group decisions.

    Creator   3 beyond like & dislike
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    Get a (Break-Out) Room!

    Sometimes, things get heated & two people start to take over the conversation that no one else really cares about. You really want to tell them to get a room. 

    Well, Multytude automatically creates Breakout Rooms for these sorts of instances. 

    Homepage   3 breakout room
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    Shelf Life is a Good Thing

    The best conversations are purposeful, active and with an end-date. That’s why conversations on Multytude are time-limited so you can exchange ideas, get your learnings and move on with your life.

    Homepage   5 shelf life

When was the last time you had a meaningful conversation on social media?

Let's face it; none of the existing social media platforms were built for insightful conversations. We're building a conversation-first platform.

That's all, folks!

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