Power your strategy with prompted listening

Combine the scale and speed of social listening with the prompting ability of surveys and focus groups.

Social listening is not fit for purpose anymore. As people share less and less, brands find themselves "reacting", rather than proactively harnessing strategic insights. 

That's why we've developed prompted listening – an innovative approach that we at Multytude pioneer. 

We make crowds talk via influencers on topics that matter to you and give you brand advice using AI. 

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Choose your side 👇

For Brands / Agencies

Uncover genuine consumer insights in as little as 15 minutes, including brand lift of your influencer campaigns.

For Influencers

Earn income by simply doing what you do best - engaging with your audience. No promotional pressure.

Introducing our AI-powered survey tool

Loads of our clients have been requesting access to our AI back-end to create their own surveys - from client feedback forms to employee satisfaction surveys.

We're thrilled to announce our AI-powered survey tool, which does exactly that, so you can save time, improve completion rates and get automated insights powered by AI!