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  • Multytude matches you with the right creators.
  • Creators ask your questions on live streams.
  • Consumers answer your questions via the stream chat.
  • Zero friction means maximum engagement.

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Would you fill a survey when you could participate in a live stream hosted by your fave creator?

We wouldn't either.

That's why we built Multytude. As a brand / agency, you have two tools at your disposal.

  • Real-time insights via live streams

    We help you partner with the right creator, whose audience fits your brief. They then host a live stream to gather insights for you in real time.

  • Focus groups at scale via our rewarded app

    We open a private room on our app for your target audience and invite them to chat. Our AI-system then generates qualitative insights based on the free-flowing conversation.

Case Studies

  • Curly haircare   nov 22
  • Metaverse 2022
  • Bouillon

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You Ask — We Tell

Here are some FAQs, but let us know if you have any other questions.

  • How is this different from social listening?

    Social listening is a passive exercise where you listen in on existing conversations on social media. But what is the likelihood that people will be talking about your insight needs? This is where we come in. Multytude creates the right conditions for your target consumers to talk about your insight needs in a fun, engaging manner.

  • Which live streaming platforms do you connect to?

    We currently connect to YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. BUT more platforms are on the way. Tell us which ones you need so we can prioritise them!

  • I don't want to host a public live stream. What can I do?

    In that case, we can work with the creator to host a private live stream with your list of consumers or use our rewarded app to run a private conversation, completely hidden away from prying eyes.

  • Can I work with my own creator ambassadors?

    Absolutely! If you already work with a list of creators as part of an influencer marketing campaign or ambassador program, we can easily work with them for live stream insights.

  • Do you offer any discounts for multiple use?

    Yes, we do! If you intend to run multiple live streams or rewarded rooms in our app, our package deals would be more suitable for you. Just book a demo with us, and we'll take you through your options.

  • I don't want to lose all these wonderful participants... Help me!

    That would be a shame, we agree. Well, you could open a private room on our app and direct all live stream viewers to your room via a unique link so you can continue the conversation with them in the app.