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Make Up Dupes

UK, February 2023, 322 consumers     

Although the primary motive for buying dupes is cheaper price without compromise on quality, there are four more prominent reasons.

Buy the full report to find out what the most aspired make up brands & products are, their preferred dupes and the underlying motives for dupe searching.

Make up dupes

All About Dresses

UK, February 2023, 100 Consumers

We’ve prompted our community on all things related to dresses - from fashion trends and styling tips, to where to find the perfect dress for a special occasion. 

Major e-commerce fashion giants like Asos and Shein are definitely prominent in consumers’ minds, but the results tell us not to underestimate high street brands like Next.

Buy the full report to see our research on design preferences, occasion and brand landscape when it comes to dresses.

All about dresses   multytude trend report   uk, feb 2023

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