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Community Guidelines 🤗

We put extra effort into creating humanly readable guidelines. So grab a cup of coffee (or tea if that's your thing) and read on.

Multytude is a place where our users nurture and enjoy a healthy flow of conversation with each other. We are open to everyone from all backgrounds and cherish our diversities. In order for this spirit to carry on and grow further, we have created rules and guidelines. These include sending a warning, removing the content, or blocking the accounts that are responsible for these actions. 

Like all other platforms, Multytude is almost a living organism which evolves on its own with our community’s help. Together, we will learn more and do better as we go along. We trust you will spread this positive and respectful attitude to all new members of Multytude.


The self

Your words matter. Share your opinions openly and without hindrance. Multytude community values your ideas for what they are, not based on who you are. We ask you to use your real identities at sign up to create a more real life, friendly experience, where bad behaviour cannot hide behind a false identity. So do not impersonate or pretend to be someone else. Accounts can only belong to one person. Sharing Multytude accounts is not allowed.

The community

Be kind to each other, value everyone’s opinion, everyone deserves respect for their ideas. Keep offensive content and personal attacks away from Multytude; do not threaten, intimidate, harass, bully or spam other users. We are all here to learn, not to win against an opponent or to build walls around us.

The rules


Do not share content which is sexist, racist, homophobic or discriminatory in any way. Content that is; pornographic, sexually explicit or involving sexual violence or assault, gory or detailing graphic injury, promoting violence and violent acts, promoting drugs, drug accessories or equipment are not allowed. 


Multytude does not generate revenue by advertisement, and we don’t allow any advertisement of products or services, scams, or malicious conduct. So no items or services for sale, asking others to send you money, coupon codes, sales links or referral links, phishing, sending malicious links, malware or viruses, deceiving others such as pretending to be in distress or danger, advertising your Paypal, Cashapp or other payment service links or QR codes are not allowed either.


Don’t use Multytude for any illegal activities (including but not limited to); selling illegal goods or services, promoting or advertising sexual services, trying to access other users’ accounts, attempting to damage or interfere with Multytude’s services, making hateful content or promoting violence or organized crime of any kind, including terrorism.

Ban Evasion

Attempting to get around or bypass suspensions, bans, or locked accounts by any means is not allowed. Any attempt may result in further suspensions of increased durations, or even a permanent ban from the app.


We are serious about the adherence to community guidelines. The actions we will take against content and behavior that breaks our guidelines depends on the rules broken and the severity. We will carefully look into each case to determine the action required. You can report any users that don’t respect our community guidelines in the app, and our Safety Team will conduct a thorough investigation into the report.

If you break any of these rules, we operate a three-strike system - warning, timed suspension followed by a permanent ban of your account.


The truth

Truth matters and as Hercule Poirot says, ‘it has a habit of revealing itself’. Question every statement, ask for evidence, empower yourself with facts, don’t take any opinion for granted.  

The open mind

The world would be a very boring place if we were only surrounded by people who agree with us. Truth cannot be achieved without analysing all points of view. Take a deep breath, listen to everyone and be open to change your mind! 

The curiosity

Growth comes with curiosity, without it we wouldn’t send Ham to Space or Apollo 11 to the Moon. Be hungry for new discoveries. 


The process

Civilisation is built on processes, we invented them, as without them we wouldn’t survive. But no rules are written on stone, we grow, we learn, help us improve Multytude to make it better.

The knowledge

Titles don’t mean entitlements. Any one of us could be holding an immense amount of knowledge on any given subject. Respect the knowledge, not the prefix in front of the names.

The experience

Not all knowledge comes from books, respect the experience; a lifetime of wisdom which is not transactional but can only be volunteered. Respect the experience and the person who invested in it so that the rest of us can benefit from it.


Most importantly have fun and take away wisdom from anyone and everyone! We all have something to learn from each other, ‘eat the avocado and throw away the pit’; you don’t have to like the people you learn from!

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