Get rewarded for your comments 🀩

Instead of giving away your ideas for free elsewhere, contribute to rooms on Multytude & enjoy your rewards!
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πŸ€— More welcoming than Reddit.

πŸ‘ Easier to use than Slack.

⚑️ Better organised than Whatsapp.

πŸ’Ž More rewarding than anything else.

Don't believe us?

Don't take our word for it. Listen to our community.

  • "I love being at Multytude. It’s great when you can learn and still get paid. I've learnt a lot in the past few days."

    Edidiong Ukott, @_de.king
  • "I will definitely recommend having this app. It is a brilliant way to have discussions with people from food to fashion to gaming and so much more! I just purchased an amazon voucher just by writing my opinion in different rooms!"

  • "Thank you for the lovely welcome. This seems more of a community feel 😁"

    Sarah Green

Create your own public or private rooms πŸ’¬

Start a room for each of your groups and invite your community. 

Or explore interesting topics to join other rooms and meet like-minded people.

Private or public rooms

Organise your rooms into threads 🧡

With a thread for each separate topic, your comment won't get lost in the chat.  

Plus, you'll only get notifications on threads you've participated in. Ah, the calm.

Organise your rooms into threads

Express yourself with filters & stickers πŸ“Έ

Take a photo, add your flair and share with your groups. Or keep it #nofilter. Rock on.

Photos with filters & stickers

Earn points for your comments πŸ’―

Look out for Rewarded Rooms in app where you can participate with your ideas and earn points. 

Earn points for your contributions

Redeem your points for rewards πŸ€‘

Multy Points are converted to real rewards such as gift cards, virtual VISA cards or donations to charity. Your choice!

Redeem your points for real rewards

Be in control of your data 🎚

Only share data with us when you join Rewarded Rooms and get paid in return. We will notify you to turn off data access when the room closes.

Be in control of your data

All Features

Not sure yet? Here's everything we've done to make Multytude the best community app possible. And we're just starting...

  • Threaded conversations

    Organise your group chats so you don't have to scroll past irrelevant messages to get to what you need.

  • Real-time toxicity checks

    Our approach reduces toxic comments by 50% before they're even posted.

  • Breakout rooms

    The digital version of "let's take this offline" means they can keep going back and forth without notifying you. Nice.

  • Data access control

    Start and stop sharing data with the flick of a switch. You are in total control.

  • No algorithms

    Enjoy your conversations without an algorithm dictating your feed.

  • No followers

    We're not a social media platform. We are a conversation platform.

  • No ads

    Yes, you read that right. No ads whatsoever.

  • Real rewards

    We pay you. As simple as that.

Group chats just got a lot more rewarding

Start a room, invite your community, earn rewards

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