Boost engagement on your live streams

Don't worry about the flying chat. 

Use our tool to boost engagement & collect fan feedback on your live streams.

All in real time.

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See it in action 🎬

A few of our favourite creators 😍

We're working with some of the best talent on Instagram and YouTube. Join the squad!

  • Kathy

    Healthy hair tips, tutorials, styling, curls & reviews

  • Westmount

    πŸ“Έ Photography | Videography
    🍸 Cocktail Recipes | Lifestyle

  • Harp

    Mixology Consultant, Cocktail Innovator, Creator, PresenterπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  • Ed

    Cocktail recipes 🍸
    WSET level 3 🍷

How does it work? Like magic. πŸͺ„

Your audience stays on YouTube, Instagram or Twitch so nothing changes for them. You, as the creator, are the only one using Multytude.

Zero friction means maximum engagement.

  • 1

    Live Maps 🌍

    Ask your audience to enter locations in the chat and watch as we magically populate a map.

    Know how many people mentioned the same places and call out specific usernames to make people feel special.

  • 2

    Dynamic Polls πŸ—³

    Stuck with four poll options?

    Worry not. We provide unlimited options and your audience votes via the chat. 

    Oh, and we only allow one vote per person.

  • 3

    AMA Module πŸ’¬

    Let the questions come in by the hundreds!

    We automagically group questions by topic so you can browse them at your own pace and answer the ones you want. 

    Time to answer most asked questions.

  • 4

    Lucky Words πŸ€

    Want to collect content ideas, suggestions or more from your audience? Just ask them.

    We'll show you what's top of mind with word clouds in real time.

    Word cloud

Monetise your live streams

Become a Multytude Partner, and we'll match you with brands so both you and your audience can earn.

  • Creators win

    Instead of promoting a product in your content, just ask the brand's questions to your audience.

  • Fans Win

    Fans get recognised & rewarded by their favourite creators & brands for their ideas via our incentive system.

  • Brands Win

    Brands get authentic feedback and suggestions from their target consumers in an engaging way.

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