Make your live streams

Don't worry about the flying chat. 

Ask your questions, let your audience type their answers in the chat, and see the results come to life - in real time.

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Multytude connects to your YouTube channel so your audience remains on YouTube and answers your questions via YouTube chat.

Zero friction means maximum engagement.

Monetise your live streams

Become a Multytude Partner, and we'll match you with brands so both you and your audience can earn.

  • Creators win

    Instead of promoting a product in your content, just ask the brand's questions to your audience.

  • Fans Win

    Fans get recognised & rewarded by their favourite creators & brands for their ideas via our incentive system.

  • Brands Win

    Brands get authentic feedback and suggestions from their target consumers in an engaging way.

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Currently available for YouTube Live. More platforms coming soon.

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