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Save time, avoid burnout and earn more money.

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Join these creative minds on Instagram & YouTube who are already making the most of Multytude. Hear their stories:

  • "Sorted Food has always been about hosting a conversation around food and drink with our community. Using Multytude has added another layer to the conversation by allowing us to analyse the comments in our livestreams in real time."

  • "A video‘s comment section is full of good ideas and feedback, but it can be hard to sift though—especially when it pops off. Multytude’s idea generator sorts through all the comments on a video and finds recurring patterns to help me give my audience exactly what they want in the next video."

  • "I'm loving the creator dashboard so far, love the fact that it pulls ideas straight from my videos so I can easily come up with new content that is useful and targeted."

  • "I loved being able to use the “template questions” tool in advance, the user experience was immaculate and being able to refer back to the questions and comments my audiences asked afterwards meant I didn’t have to stress about missing anything whilst I was live and chatting away."


Your personal AI coach, tailored to your unique channel. 

Spend less time analysing and more time creating.


Rapidly Summarise Comments

Don't spend hours reading and analysing comments. 

In less than a minute, let us do the heavy lifting, summarising your audience's conversation for you. 

Easily understand what your audience is talking about and what they're asking for, without the hassle.

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Endless Content Ideas

Say goodbye to creative burnout. 

Let us help you uncover a plethora of content ideas based on your comments in less than a minute

Save your favourites to your Content Scrapbook so you'll never be out of fresh content ideas again.

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Optimised Metadata At Your Fingertips

Have an idea you love? Choose your platform, and we'll automatically generate optimised titles, descriptions, and more, tailored to your content. 

Even a suggested script to jumpstart your creation process.

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Unlock a New Revenue Stream

Earn income by simply doing what you do best - engaging with your audience. No promotional or selling pressure. 

As soon as our system identifies your potential to spark engaging conversations, you'll receive an invitation right in your dashboard. 

Start earning simply by interacting with your audience.

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Real-time Live Chat Analysis

Forget about losing track of fast-paced chats during live streams. 

Boost engagement and collect invaluable fan feedback in real time with our advanced tool.


Discover Brands for Collaboration

Learn about the brands your audience loves - and those they don't. 

Get a curated list of potential brands to partner with and those to avoid. 

Outreach email included - making collaboration seamless and efficient.

Explore brands

Make comments work for you.

Instead of just moderating them.

  • Sortedfood
    2.69M subscribers

    A group of mates battling to become awesome home cooks. 

  • Kathy

    Healthy hair tips, tutorials, styling, curls & reviews

  • Shu

    BBC Creator in Residence YouTube vlogger (70k+)

  • Ed

    Cocktail recipes 🍸
    WSET level 3 🍷

  • Westmount

    📸 Photography | Videography
    🍸 Cocktail Recipes | Lifestyle

  • Harp

    Mixology Consultant, Cocktail Innovator, Creator, Presenter🇬🇧

  • Nadia
    Nadia Bokody
    288K subscribers

    Sex columnist, YouTuber and media commentator

  • Mitch
    Mitch Boyer
    53K Subscribers

    Making videos on his bike

Affordable Pricing, Maximum Value

Your AI coach is powered by coins. 

Get 3 free coins per month every month on our Free Tier, or upgrade for more. 

More coins mean more ideas, more creativity, and more engagement.

  • Free Tier

    Perfect for beginners
    • 3 coins per month
    • Idea Generator
    • Script Generator
  • Starter

    For Content Focus
    • 20 coins per month
    • Idea Generator
    • Script Generator
    • Live Stream Studio
  • Pro

    Add AI-driven Surveys
    • 50 coins per month
    • Idea Generator
    • Script Generator
    • Live Stream Studio
    • AI-driven Surveys

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