Meet your AI sidekick 🤖

Summarise comments. Generate video ideas. Find mentioned brands. And a whole lot more. All in less than a minute.

It's the ultimate creator tool.

Multytude Creator Dashboard
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Multytude for Creators - GPT for Creators: video ideas fine-tuned to your channel | Product Hunt
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It's like having ChatGPT, but trained on your channel


Summarise comments

Let us summarise the conversation in your comments for you in less than a minute.  

Just pick a video, and learn what your audience is talking about, asking for and more.

Without having to read every comment.

Creator   summarise comments

Generate content ideas

Avoid burnout. 

Let us help you uncover content ideas based on your comments in less than a minute.

Save the ones you like to your Content Scrapbook so you don't forget them.

Creator   generate content ideas

Get optimised metadata

Want to develop an idea you liked?

Just tell us which platform you want to post on, and we'll automatically generate optimised titles, descriptions, and more. 

Even including a suggested script to get you started.

Creator   generate metadata

Explore brands fit for your audience

Discover the brands your audience is talking about - good and bad. 

Get a list of brands to avoid and another to partner with. 

Outreach email included.

Explore brands

Analyse your live chat

Don't worry about the flying chat on your live streams. 

Use our tool to boost engagement & collect fan feedback.

All in real time.


Make comments work for you.

Instead of just moderating them.

What Creators Say

Some of the best talent on Instagram & YouTube are already using Multytude. Join the squad!

  • "I'm loving the creator dashboard so far, love the fact that it pulls ideas straight from my videos so I can easily come up with new content that is useful and targeted."

  • "I loved being able to use the “template questions” tool in advance, the user experience was immaculate and being able to refer back to the questions and comments my audiences asked afterwards meant I didn’t have to stress about missing anything whilst I was live and chatting away."

  • Gemma
    Gemma Bird

    Sunday Times Bestselling Author, ITV Saver Squad

  • Kathy

    Healthy hair tips, tutorials, styling, curls & reviews

  • Shu

    BBC Creator in Residence YouTube vlogger (70k+)

  • Ed

    Cocktail recipes 🍸
    WSET level 3 🍷

  • Westmount

    📸 Photography | Videography
    🍸 Cocktail Recipes | Lifestyle

  • Harp

    Mixology Consultant, Cocktail Innovator, Creator, Presenter🇬🇧

  • Nadia
    Nadia Bokody
    288K subscribers

    Sex columnist, YouTuber and media commentator

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Your AI sidekick works with coins. You'll get 3 free coins per month on the Free Tier, but you can always upgrade for more.

More coins = more ideas 💡

  • Free Tier

    Perfect for beginners
    • 3 coins per month
    • Idea Generator
    • Content Scrapbook
    • Live Chat Analysis
  • Starter

    For the price of a coffee
    • 10 coins per month
    • Idea Generator
    • Content Scrapbook
    • Live Chat Analysis
  • Creator

    50% cheaper than ChatGPT
    • 50 coins per month
    • Idea Generator
    • Content Scrapbook
    • Live Chat Analysis

Get personalised video ideas for your channel