Lean into influencer audiences for consumer insights

Authentic, reliable, fast consumer insights gathered via Influencers, enriched by AI

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A new way for brands and influencers to work together

With the sophisticated map of reactions you get with Multytude, insight research is now a real-time, back and forth conversation.

Get to know your consumers in a meaningful, quantifiable way.

Test your ideas faster than ever before. Get ahead of trends. Gather responses in a natural setting. 

Build the products and campaigns they’ll love β€” with real, rapid feedback to guide your creativity, and your strategy.

  • Genuine Answers

    Influencers become your surveyors, collecting sincere responses from their followers - your target market - in a natural setting.

  • Rapid Results

    Cut down your research time from weeks to just 15 minutes, gaining immediate access to AI-based insights and analysis.

  • AI Generated Questions

    Our AI crafts creative, engaging question sets tailored to your brief, saving you time in survey generation.

How It Works

  • 1

    Provide your research brief & target audience

    Our powerful natural language AI generates creative, open-ended questions for your brief, saving you time. 

    Edit, add or remove questions as you see fit.

    Then, invite your influencers to your project to kick things off. We can help you source influencers via our partners if you need.

    AI generates questions for your brief
  • 2

    Influencers ask, audiences answer

    Handpicked influencers ask your questions to their followers on YouTube or Instagram live streams.

    Fans respond in the chat with honest, in-the-moment feedback β€” resulting in plenty of authentic, rapid answers to your questions.

    Best part is that no social listening company can listen to this data. It is unique to you.

    Influencers ask your questions on live streams
  • 3

    Review AI-driven insights

    Get your interactive report within minutes of the final live stream, where you get AI-based summaries and recommendations.

    Best of all, you can ask any question you have about the data in plain English, and our AI assistant will analyse the data and answer your question in real time.

    You get AI-analysed insights automatically

Ready to access reliable, powerful insights from influencers, and their audiences?

See what our previous clients have to say about our approach πŸ‘‡

Unlike other research companies, Multytude reaches consumers in the fastest way and receives the most sincere answers on the subject during either the chat in their app or via influencer led conversations. Multytude adds unconventional methods to the research industry!

Senior Market Research Specialist

Before Multytude, we had to manually read the comments under our influencer branded content to see how it performed. With Multytude, we can now analyse the conversation under all branded content in less than a minute, informing our future marketing narratives and influencer selections.

Founder & CEO

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