Comment Mining for Video Creators: How to Find the Meaning in Comments

published on 15 September 2021

Comment mining is the process of extracting and analysing meaning from comments on current social media platforms. It's a process that can be very time consuming, but when done right it can help creators better understand their audience for better performing content and brand partnerships.

Simply put, it allows creators to really understand what their audience wants.

It's so important that we know creators who employ people to monitor, moderate and analyse comments posted under their content.

You can continue to manually browse through comments, trying to understand the bigger picture - if you have the time. 

Or you can go easier on yourself by putting up a poll and having everyone vote on separate social channels. While more convenient, this doesn't allow you to understand why people vote a certain way, nor does it allow you to explore ideas outside of the poll options you give.

You might be missing out big time.


There is a better way.

What if you could setup a dedicated room for what you're trying to figure out at that moment and invite whoever you want with a single link?

Imagine posting that link on your social channels so you can bring together your community under one roof.

Now, your community can have a space to talk with you, not at you, about what you want to talk about - be it content ideas, a topic you want to discuss or just a bit of fun.

Best part is you don't have to worry about monitoring anything. Multytude takes care of the moderation for you with its built-in algorithm and prepares a summary report at the end, highlighting top ideas and trends from the conversation.

So you can just relax and enjoy the conversation with your community.

Oh, and did we mention we don't have followers, subscribers, or anything of the sort so you don't need to worry about the numbers or maintaining a profile.

Multytude is a conversation analysis tool, whenever you need it.

We got you covered.

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