Audience-Driven Conversations: How to Create an AMA On Multytude

published on 20 August 2021

'Ask Me Anything' (AMA) format is a way of engaging with your audience in an open and unstructured way. It provides the opportunity for people to ask all sorts of questions, get answers from you or other experts on your topic.

Participants can ask anything they want in this format, but this can also lead to chaos. You feel like you have to monitor every comment and response to make sure you're not missing out on any audience questions.

All of this means that an AMA can be a very stressful experience for you. Add on top of that the time commitment required for the entire duration of the AMA, and we can see why more people don't embrace the format.

Well, Multytude's conversation mechanics do wonders for all of these issues. But before we get to how you can use Multytude to create these types of conversations, let's first cover why Multytude is so much better than Reddit, Instagram or others when it comes to AMAs.

4 Reasons Why Multytude is better than others for AMAs

  • Instead of a never-ending forum structure, Multytude leverages a card deck for submitted questions. This allows for top level comments to be on separate cards for your full attention.
  • This also means that when others respond to these cards, you're still only presented with the top level question cards. No more scrolling through a forum thread to find the next question. Just swipe to the next card!
  • Your AMA will last for 7 days instead of a matter of hours, so you don’t need to be available constantly. You just need to check your AMA room a couple of times per day to answer any new questions or continue any open threads, should you wish to.
  • Best yet, you will receive an automated summary of the AMA at the end of your conversation. This summary will present the main topics of conversation and trends from the entire AMA so you can easily turn your AMA into an FAQ!
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How to create your AMA on Multytude?

1. Create a room for your AMA session

Just tap the 'Start New Conversation' button on the Multytude homepage and enter an appropriate title. Make sure you include either ‘AMA’ or ‘Ask Me Anything’ in the title so your audience knows what to expect. Then, create a quick description and choose a fancy photo on Unsplash before you hit 'Create'. It's as simple as making porridge! Maybe even easier...

2. Invite your audience to your room

The next thing you need to do is announce your AMA room on your social channels for your audience. All you need to do is copy the unique link to your Multytude AMA and share that link on social media. To help you jazz it up, we’ve even prepared a social media template. Just hit the ‘Instagram’ logo in your Multytude room to download the photo. Oh, and don't forget to remind your audience every couple of days as your room will stay open for 7 days!

3. Swipe through the questions and have fun!

You can now sit back, write back to the questions that are submitted by your audience and enjoy the organised banter. We'll get back to you with your AMA automated summary once your conversation ends.

Download Multytude for a better, fun and insightful AMA experience.

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