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1. Generate a survey in seconds

Tell your AI assistant what you want to achieve with your survey. 

It will then propose a set of fun and engaging questions based on your goals.

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2. Chat to edit your survey

Want to merge questions? Delete something? Or change the survey's theme or tone of voice? 

Just ask and our AI will make the necessary changes in less than a min.

Make changes via chat with AI

3. Collect Responses

Share your survey via as many unique links as you like to track performance.

Our entertaining user interface makes the experience fun with animations and custom end pages.

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4. Get actionable insights automatically

Once responses are in, our AI automatically analyzes the data, providing you with actionable insights.

If you have a question about any of the data, just ask and our AI will answer in seconds.

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Add unlimited AI magic to your surveys for one monthly price
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£19.99 per month

7 day free trial available!
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