One Major Step Towards Changing How We Value Knowledge

published on 05 November 2021

It is part of human psychology to be ‘seen’ and ‘heard’. We are communal beings. We thrive as a society, not as lonesome individuals.

The Internet made that possible - even for some of us who are in the remotest corners of the world - to connect, share and be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

But we also began to worry about how many likes we got for our digital content and how many people follow us. The human race has always craved attention, but now, that desire manifests itself with much more focused intensity within the instant gratification of social media.  

Somewhere along the way, social media stopped being about connecting people and became a place for boasting about our lives and raking up our follower numbers. Now all these platforms are trying to back away from these numbers to promote better wellbeing and mental health.

It’s time to stop worrying about these false metrics and create a different, better value system for our own sake. 

When we set out to design Multytude, our North Star was building an online platform where knowledge and wisdom are valued above likes and followers. 

Today is just another step closer in fulfilling this goal.

Earn rewards with your comments

Multytude users are now able to earn points with their comments and get discovered by virtue of their quality contribution regardless of who they are or how many followers they have. 

It’s simple. In addition to one-time only rewards defined by our platform, you can continue earning more by participating in rewarded rooms or when your comment is chosen as valuable through our AI-driven methodologies.   

Redeem your points in the way you choose

Multy Points are converted to real rewards such as vouchers or virtual cards. To make it easier and smoother for you, we’ve partnered with a rewards management company, which automatically arranges your redemption options based on your country and currency. 

Introducing Multytude Points
Introducing Multytude Points

This is just the beginning 

Multytude is as much about valuing wisdom and knowledge as about helping build communities focused on healthy conversation, without trolls and silly diversions, which lies at the heart of our design principles. 

Thanks to the Internet’s massive impact, there are no more ‘niche’ communities as even the smallest ones can be substantial in size. Regardless of their size and shape, all these communities find a home on Multytude.  

So go ahead and download Multytude, open your rooms, invite your community and start earning rewards while helping change the story of how we communicate and understand each other better. 

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