How to validate your product idea

updated on 19 December 2021

When it comes to product management, coming up with new ideas is only the beginning. Once you've got a great concept in hand, you need to validate it before you invest in development and take huge business risks. 

That's where Multytude comes in. Our gamified, conversational platform makes it easy to validate your new product or feature with your target consumers and generate momentum around it (or kill it for good!).

Online surveys and focus groups are not dead yet, but we all know their limitations. You only get answers to the questions you asked for in the former, and you’re limited with a handful of representative group of people in the latter.

Worse yet, it takes an eternity to get the results of the research you’ve commissioned, by which time the world may have moved to the ice age.


With Multytude, we’re solving 3 things for product managers:

  1. Ability to follow up in a free-flowing conversation so you can continue probing and discover ideas that you may not thought to ask
  2. Finding the right cohort and number of consumers you want to talk to 
  3. Timely NLP-based analysis at the end of the conversations, which typically last 7 days, delivered to your Inbox as a full deck form

All you need to do is simply create a room, enjoy the conversation and let the ideas flow! 

We handle the rest.

Best Practices

We’ve seen many PMs and product innovators use Multytude with some best practices emerging. So here are some tips to inspire you in your own journey should you wish to try it out yourself:

  1. Decide on the wider challenge for which you wish to collect ideas from your community. The more open-ended the challenge, the more interesting the conversation will be. Avoid yes/no challenges.  
  2. Avoid yes/no type two-sided questions for room titles. While they're easier to answer, you're already prepping your community to answer in one of two ways. But there might be a multitude of answers (pun intended!). So instead of asking "Do you like women's jeans?", ask "What would you change if you designed your own jeans?". 
  3. Once you have landed on your room title, create the room on the Multytude homepage: it could be public (all Multytude users see the room on their homepage) or private (only those invited by the unique room link can access the room). You decide!
  4. Add a couple of ‘prompt threads’ to help others see what kind of conversation this is going to be. It not only allows you to ask for direct, limited questions within the room but also triggers your community's imagination so they can open their own threads (if you allow them to). It also means your room will have a few threads to get people started, instead of an empty one. 
  5. As Multytude enables a free flowing conversation, you can continue to ask questions by replying to comments, probe them about specific points they make, add more threads, and in general just enjoy the conversation.
  6. And as the comments keep coming, our NLP engine starts humming and spits out ‘smart tags’ to allow you to see what topics are being discussed. This way you can filter them in a smart way that can't be manipulated by users like hashtags.

Finally, if you have a specific cohort of people you would like to hear from, our team can help you with that. 

Download Multytude, and start enjoying a conversation with your community instead of boring them with surveys.

If you need us, we're here to help! Just drop us an email at


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