Deeper Insights Beyond the Brief

updated on 20 January 2023

How a brand got more than what they asked for

In an effort to get feedback from their consumers, a global food brand started a room on Multytude on bouillons. Instead of using focus groups (limited with a handful of participants) or online surveys (limited to the questions asked with no chance for follow-ups), this brand used our rewards-driven community app for actionable, authentic insights.

Multytude rooms are set-up with some prompt threads to get the conversation going, but the beauty of our rooms is that they’re free-flowing, natural conversations with replies, follow-ups and reactions. 

In light of this, the brand added a few prompt threads to get the conversation going such as: 

  • Whether or not the participants used the current product? 
  • If not, why?
  • What new flavours would they want to see in the new product?
  • Would they use certain versions of the product in question as a concept test?

In only 7 days, over 20 participants exchanged ideas in a lively and interactive atmosphere with more than 130 comments. Our NLP-based insights detected 14 topics of conversation in the room, not only delivering direct answers to the brand’s questions but also revealing insights that go beyond the brief, showing what’s really top of mind for consumers in this area. 

Our AI-driven analysis detected 14 topics of conversation in the room
Our AI-driven analysis detected 14 topics of conversation in the room

For example, even though the form of the product wasn’t probed at all, people overwhelmingly shared that they don’t like dry stock cubes and prefer concentrated pots instead. Dry cubes were perceived as overly salty and not natural.

It also became clear, despite no specific prompt, that a lot of participants make their own broth to be in control of the taste. 

Environment came up as a concern, proving packaging and sustainability matter to consumers in any new product in this category. 

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