Revolutionise Your Data Collection with Multytude's AI-Powered Surveys

published on 16 October 2023

In our data-centric market, harnessing precise insights is paramount for informed decision-making. Multytude presents a groundbreaking solution with its AI-powered surveys, a leap from traditional manual survey tools to a realm of enhanced efficiency and accuracy.


Save time

The primary advantage lies in the time-efficiency Multytude offers. Unlike manual survey platforms requiring extensive effort in question formulation, Multytude’s AI significantly reduces the setup time, enabling a swift transition from survey creation to data collection.

And if you want to change or edit anything, all you have to do is chat with the AI in plain English. Want to merge questions? Delete something? Or change the survey's theme or tone of voice? Just ask the AI in the chat, and see your survey transform instantly.

Improve completion

Engagement is crucial for meaningful data collection, and Multytude excels in this regard. With an average completion rate of 74%, the AI-crafted questions coupled with an engaging user interface transcend the engagement levels typically achieved with manual tools, thus ensuring a higher response rate.

Our user interface takes its cues from social media, especially the story format. Every question shines in its own page with fun emojis that react to the user's choice. There is no reason why surveys should be boring.

Automatic Insights with AI

Furthermore, Multytude’s automatic insight generation distinguishes it markedly from manual survey tools. The AI swiftly analyses responses, providing actionable insights promptly, eliminating the manual labor of sifting through data and reading your comments.

Talking about comments, free text questions are the best part of Multytude's AI integration. You can collect open-ended answers to your questions and have AI instantly analyse the comments and give you a trend report. No more reading individual comments manually.

In conclusion, Multytude’s AI-powered surveys are a prudent choice for modern businesses aiming to optimise their data collection processes. The blend of time-efficiency, enhanced engagement, and swift insight generation makes Multytude a compelling alternative to manual survey tools. You can try it for free for 7 days via the following link:

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